I'm a guy that likes to create things for people.

Sometimes it's a poster for a local event, a brochure for a company, or a website for my friend's charity. I've made videos for awards ceremonies, screencasts for web tools, and even a marble backsplash in someone's kitchen (yes, I do that too). But whatever "it" happens to be, the goal is always the same: to create a great product that fits the intended purpose, making my clients happy and me proud of my work.

I enjoy working on Web projects, in particular anything I can create with xhtml and css. I've patched up old sites, created fresh new ones, and done quite a bit of content styling. I've also crafted some nice-looking html emails, learning all the quirks necessary to get consistent rendering cross-platform.

Beyond designing for the Web, I have extensive experience creating projects for print, including pieces that have been placed in Fortune magazine and received exposure on television shows such as ABC's Good Morning America.

My design mission reflects a strong emphasis on usability, accessibility, and purpose. I'd love to create something for you.

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